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Tax Settlements & Offer In Compromise

What can be overwhelming, if not terrifying, for any individual or business, is paying back overdue taxes to the largest collection agency in the world: The IRS. IRS debt can be confusing and hard to understand at times. Unless you have an experienced tax, attorney who will walk you through this process, and protect you from being taken advantage of by the Internal Revenue Services.  The IRS is not your friend and they are not there to help you.  Their job is to negotiate deals that work in the government’s favor.  It is not an understatement to say they don’t care about you or your personal circumstances.  They don’t care if you are taking care of your aging parent, or that you have private tuition to pay for your 11-year-old special needs child.  Hiring a tax professional will help you understand what your options are, and more importantly, what your rights are.  Having someone to fight for you is what you need during one of the most stressful times of your financial life. 

Here at Tax Relief Pros, we add value to your business and individual wealth by preserving it during an Offer in Compromise negotiation.  This only happens when you hire an experienced tax settlement attorney who is well versed in offer in compromise cases and dedicated to serving their clients.  At Tax Relief Pros we look at the totality of the circumstances when evaluating whether or not a tax payer is a good candidate for this type of resolution. An offer in compromise, once successfully negotiated requires commitment on the part of the tax payer to follow the rules.  It is important to note that there are several different types of offers in compromise that can be submitted on your behalf.  You want an experienced team of tax resolution professionals that will guide you through the various types of offers in compromise to ensure the most viable option for success.

Tax Settlement Options for Unpaid Taxes 

Tax settlements may include offers in compromise as a means to rid an 

individual or business of tax debt. The best way to identify the options for 

preventing, reducing, or eliminating an IRS tax debt is by working with an 

experienced and trusted tax settlement attorney. Protecting our client’s assets 

and maximizing their business value is our chosen profession and we pride 

ourselves on our ability to accomplish these objectives successfully. To be able to 

accomplish these objectives we, and our clients, must work together in order to 

discover the appropriate solution.  Since we are a law firm, you are protected by Attorney-Client privilege and can rely upon that when discussing your sensitive matter with one of our attorneys or staff members.  Reasonable 

cause is one of the single biggest reasons for the IRS to settle a tax debt with a tax payer. Discovering, and arguing reasonable cause can only be successfully identified by an experienced tax attorney. Settling with the IRS allows our clients to pay far less than originally owed, saving our clients significant sums in assessed tax, penalties, and reduced interest.

Contact Araujo Law, Tax Relief Pros today to speak with an experienced tax settlement specialist. 

Experienced Tax Settlement Attorneys Fighting for Client Wealth 

What is an offer in compromise? 

If you are behind or if you owe the IRS taxes, an offer in compromise is a 

negotiating technique that allows our clients to pay far less than originally owed. 

An OIC (offer in compromise) creates an agreement between our clients and the 

IRS, which allows our clients to pay far less than originally owed (or thought to be 

owed).  The expertise of a seasoned tax resolution specialist is necessary to analyze the particular facts of your situation to determine the best type of Offer in Compromise to suit your needs.  Not everyone qualifies for relief under an Offer in Compromise.  What is also true, is that those who think they do not qualify, just might.  The point is you don’t know until you confer with someone knowledgeable like you will find here at Tax Relief Pros.  Using an inexperienced tax attorney could cost you thousands, hundreds of thousands, or millions given the particular circumstances you find yourself in. You only have one chance to approach the IRS with an OIC issue and if presented incorrectly you will end up paying everything you owe plus penalties 

and interest. This is not the time to cheat yourself out of your own money by 

choosing anyone other than tax relief pros. 

Once we have determined that your case meets the basic requirements for an offer in compromise, we must work on presenting your particular facts to establish that not only do you meet the qualifications for an approved offer in compromise, but that it is in the best interest of the government to accept it.  If your offer in compromise is not presented within the parameters of the law governing offers in compromise, you could be denied without any hope of winning on appeal.  To see if you even qualify you must contact a tax professional such as Tax Relief Pros. A tax settlement with the IRS can protect your wealth and prosperity while working on removing tax liens, and sometimes even help preserve your freedom by preventing criminal charges. None of this is possible without the complete trust of our clients and our ability to work together. Our best form of marketing is word-of-mouth. 

Do I qualify for Offer in Compromise? 

At Tax Relief Pros, an experienced tax attorney works with each client individually 

in order to discover a true OIC issue that will be successful. To establish if a client 

qualifies an in-depth analysis of the client’s wealth and circumstances surrounding the reasons the tax debt was accrued in the first place is necessary. This is only done 

to determine the best options available before confronting the IRS. Unique tax 

matters presented in a logical way is the most common way our clients have been 

successful in confronting the IRS. We help clients identify the factors that the IRS 

uses for offer in compromise eligibility, including: 


● A Client’s ability to pay 

● A Client’s income 

● A Client’s expenses 

● A Client’s asset equity 

● Having all previous tax returns are correctly filed 

● Having all estimated tax payments for the year made 

Extenuating circumstances surrounding the initial liability or current extenuating circumstances that would make the repayment of the entire tax liability inequitable.

● If you are a business owner with employees, that you have made all required federal tax deposits for the current quarter 


Every client’s scenario is unique and requires a case-by-case evaluation. Additional qualifications may depend on the individual scenario. An experienced and qualified attorney is able to help you determine your eligibility. Doing this alone is a sure-fire way to ensure failure.  Tax Relief Pros is dedicated to knowing each client personally.  We are here to bring genuine peace of mind.  Tax Relief Pros is able to fight for your case, regardless of the situation, but only with the full cooperation of our clients.


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