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Payroll Tax Liabilities

When our clients have been accused of underpayment or non-payment of payroll taxes on a state or federal level, we step in to defend, mitigate, and eventually negotiate any final assessment with the IRS or state agency. We work closely with clients during an IRS payroll audit in order to protect our clients’ assets and rights.  We must have a close working relationship with our clients in order to prepare and defend against one of the most grueling financial audits conducted by the IRS.  We ensure our clients, who own businesses are not taken advantage of, that their rights are not being trampled on by an overzealous government employee.  Their job is to find you guilty of not following the rules and shutting down your business for non-compliance.  We at Tax Relief Pros recognize that small business owners are the life blood of this country’s economy.  We want you to succeed and we want you to be able to rectify any potential operating mistakes that may have led to the payroll issue in the first place.  Once we get those sorted out, you are unstoppable and on to bigger and better things!  We want to remove the burden of dealing with a stressful audit, so you can get back to what you do the best: make money.  While we work closely with our clients, we also work closely with the examiner at the IRS conducting the audit.  We want them to work with us and cooperate.  We want them reasonable.  At this time, the IRS has done massive hiring across the country to go after businesses with payroll violations or alleged violations.  This is an area of the tax code that has grave consequences if an audit goes sideways.  This is why you must hire an experienced tax resolution attorney to navigate the audit for you and protect you from Day 1.  It is all about when you decide to hire that professional.  You want to hire an attorney after you have received the notice for the first meeting. Some of the most common tax violations in Payroll Tax violations is not remitting collected payroll tax.  This in and of itself can have very serious consequences and must be rigorously defended. This in turn leads to a Trust Fund Penalty being assessed and should be avoided at all costs.   

If the IRS or state agency believes that the payroll taxes were used for purposes not related to payroll expenses, then criminal charges could be pending. When this happens, it is very likely that the IRS will investigate further and open up a Criminal Investigation.   To ensure that your rights are being respected have an experienced tax attorney on your side. 

Tax Relief Pros has highly experienced and exceptional tax resolution attorneys who fight for you by protecting your rights and minimizing or all together avoiding any serious penalties in the process.  

Experienced Payroll Tax Attorneys Protecting Clients Wealth

What are Payroll Tax Penalties?

A business that has employees is required by law to collect and remit those collected taxes to the IRS and to the State on behalf of all employees.  Failing to pay payroll taxes on time, could cause the IRS to impose high interest and penalties. You could face serious charges if you choose not to pay the penalties and interest.  Usually, most payroll taxes are due the day after an employee’s check has been disbursed.  But payroll remittance schedules do vary.  What is important to remember is that you must deposit payroll tax according to your agreed upon dates with the government.  If these payments are delayed then penalties and fees will start to add up.

There are a number of ways that payroll tax problems can occur; a long time trusted CPA or accountant fails to remit them, your payroll company failed to remit them, there was some internal employee charged with managing the remittance and they don’t, there were cash flow problems, or you were uneducated on the need to remit and simply didn’t.  Part of our process is to not only defend you in an audit, but subsequent education to avoid future non-compliance is part of what we do.  We don’t want you in trouble again.  We are here to help with the current problem and prevent future ones!

Why should I speak with a Payroll Tax Attorney?

Even if you haven’t been audited, ignoring your payroll taxes can be very costly financially and physically. 

At Tax Relief Pros, we work closely with our clients to walk them through their payroll tax matters at all stages; from discovery to negotiating with the IRS or state agencies.

Contact our experienced payroll tax attorneys today to protect yourself and your wealth.

An experienced tax attorney can negotiate a better deal if you’re facing serious penalties from payroll tax debt. Taking on the IRS or state agencies on your own is a sure recipe for disaster.  Obtaining tax relief through an experienced tax attorney is your right.  The IRS knows this, but they do their best not to honor it.  It is easier for them not to honor it if you don’t demand it.  You must Exercise that right. Contact Tax Relief Pros today.

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