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Innocent Spouse

When your spouse or former spouse causes a tax liability due to the IRS, which you know nothing about, then an innocent spouse claim for relief could be a tax resolution strategy available to you. If you qualify, this will absolve you from your shared liability on any tax debt owed to the IRS due to a joint tax return. In most cases, spouses were unaware of the tax matters or tax crimes that had taken place and are often blindsided to receive a notice from the IRS alerting them to a problem. 

Tax crimes can be devastating to families; financially and emotionally. Discovering that a loved one, or past loved one, has failed to report income or improperly reported income to the IRS can have a devastating impact.  This is most common amongst divorced couples.  It is not typically discovered until a year or two after a divorce has finalized that an innocent spouse is hit with a reminder of their past relationship.  

You do not need to feel lost or scared about discovering a spouse’s outstanding tax debt if you hire a knowledgeable and skilled tax resolution attorney to walk you through the process of protecting you and fighting for your innocence.  All of our clients rest assured that their situation will remain private and confidential. Tax Relief Pros has only seasoned tax resolution attorneys who are committed to protecting your rights and your assets.  

Tax Relief Pros has successfully helped many innocent spouse claimants prevail against the government’s contention that they are equally responsible for any tax debt assessed due to an ex-spouse.  Don’t allow the decisions of your past or current loved ones affect your life or your right to be happy. Understanding your rights and options can only be determined after you have contacted an experienced tax attorney for a full case evaluation. 

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