Tax Relief Q&A [video]–ZpvSDL9Ow Our team has gathered via Zoom to answer some of the most burning questions regarding tax relief, tax debt resolution, and dealing with debt to the IRS. Find out how to avoid common mistakes, and hear from our team about their latest experiences in dealing with IRS tax debt, how they help clients, and […]

Federal Tax Litigation

Practice Areas Dealing with the IRS is intimidating and can be overwhelming which is why it is important to have an aggressive and experienced tax attorney on your side defending you, your family, and your business. Araujo Law brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to every case in a federal tax controversy. We are […]

Payroll Tax Liabilities

Practice Areas When our clients have been accused of underpayment or non-payment of payroll taxes on a state or federal level, we step in to defend, mitigate, and eventually negotiate any final assessment with the IRS or state agency. We work closely with clients during an IRS payroll audit in order to protect our clients’ […]

Innocent Spouse

Practice Areas When your spouse or former spouse causes a tax liability due to the IRS, which you know nothing about, then an innocent spouse claim for relief could be a tax resolution strategy available to you. If you qualify, this will absolve you from your shared liability on any tax debt owed to the […]

Tax Settlements & Offer In Compromise

Practice Areas What can be overwhelming, if not terrifying, for any individual or business, is paying back overdue taxes to the largest collection agency in the world: The IRS. IRS debt can be confusing and hard to understand at times. Unless you have an experienced tax, attorney who will walk you through this process, and protect you […]